List of Scumbag Lawyers

David Stern

We all know his story by now.

900 S Pine Island Rd. Ste. 400

Plantation, FL 33324-3903

Phone: (954) 233-8000

Fax: (954) 233-8333

Michael K. Winston, another foreclosure criminal. This imbecile is as arrogant as they come with total disregard to the law. If you’re being sued by the DEFAULT LAW CRIMINALS, check your files and if you see this criminal on their bogus pleadings question it very hard. He actually works for Carlton Fields.

West Palm Beach
ph : 561.650.8039
fax : 561.659.7368

William W. Huffman.

Question anything and everything this criminal files.

Default Law Criminals
9119 Corporate Lake Drive, Suite 300
Tampa, Florida 33634-2380, (Hillsborough Co.)

Isabel V Colleran, Florida Attorney At Law

This whore works for Adorno and Yoss. She has been fabricating Assignments of Mortgage in order to fraudulently foreclose on properties.

Office Location

2525 Ponce De Leon Blvd Ste 400
Miami, FL 33134

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